The Hangar Club SUBSCRIBE!

We were approached by several people who just wanted to support what we are doing for aviation.  We thought about what to do for many months before deciding to create the Hangar Club.  This is a place people can join and come to be a part of the TakingOff Team-- to help Dan and Christy put out some great aviation theme videos.

What we do and the way we do it is not cheap-- we use professional video equipment and professional videeo crew to produce the best aviation shows we can.  By being a part of the Hangar Club Team, we can go after the best guests, create engaging video content, and keep our production quality up.

To show our appreciation, we'll bring some exclusive content into the member area (and early views on some videos) and give a discount for Store purchases.  We'd also like to make sure you get a front seat at the In The Hangar tapings if you can make it down to our studio.

The Aviation Commnunity is AMAZING and we appreciate everyone who subscribes to the YouTube channel, who watches our YouTube videos, whether you join the Hangar Club Team or not.  

Thanks for watching!

There's a couple different ways to join the Team: A monthly subscription or an annual one.  Plus, we want to provide an option for whatever you want to give... so that no one is left out and for those that want to be a bigger part, they can.