About-UsChristy Caroline Wong

Christy grew up in the Las Vegas area and knew as a little girl that airplanes were the stuff dreams are made of.  In college, she chased pre-med before landing with a career in pharmaceuticals.  But her gaze was always upwards.

She met her future husband Steve as she looked around for flying lessons.  Eventually, she decided to go full throttle towards an aviators career and hasn't looked back.  She went three years from PPL to ATP.

Christy loves to fly her beloved Wong Warrior-- a Piper Cherokee Warrior II, named Sweet Caroline.  The white and blue low wing, fixed gear airplane features the engine mod to 180hp.  Some believe she might love the Wong Warrior more than her husband, but that's just a rumor.

She has completed training for right seat on a Regional, but of course like so many, the Covid-19 crisis has left much in doubt, but regardless of what may happen, Christy remains positive and upbeat about her career in aviation.  In the meantime, she helps aviators by instructing student pilots.

You will know Christy's in the room when everyone's face brightens up.



Dan Millican

Owner of Serendipitous Films (SFilms) in Fort Worth, Texas, Dan got into aviation due to early drone work for his company.  One of the first legally able to do commercial drone work, Dan got his PPL and instantly fell in love with flying (which he always wanted to do).  With all the travel to shoots all over the country for his clients, Dan turned to aviation to help.

He found Lola, his 1980 Cessna T210, that has room for 6 people to carry his crew and gear from coast to coast.  In a very short time, Dan amassed a lot of cross country hours.  Because Dan flies for business, he went right into his IFR after PPL, and then got his commercial and then his CFI.  He's even been known to give lessons to his film crew from time to time!

As a filmmaker, Dan has written and directed feature films, starring actors like Adam Baldwin, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Mimi Rogers, and most recently directed thee third season of the reality show "Cowgirls." But SFilms bread and butter is corporate video (training and marketing).

Dan loves aviation, but has yet to ever attend Osh.  Hmmm.